Latvian Academy of Culture

Founded o­n December 29, 1990. Academy prepares academically educated and professionally prepared specialists for culture, science and education of Latvia.

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Igor Konajev

Manager of students’ course.

Stage director, Artistic director of Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre.

Elena Chernaya

Dramatics and theatrical speech teacher.

SPVATI professor, actress, director.

Dana Chernecova

Tutor of students course and dramatics training teacher.

Actress, producer of culture projects.

Jekaterina Frolova

Stage speech teacher.

Actress in Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre.

Gunta Balina

Stage dance teacher.

Associate professor of stage and classical dance in Latvian Academy of Culture, doctor degree's candidate in pedagogy. Ballet dancer in the Latvian National Opera (1971-1994) and teacher-trainer in Latvian National Ballet.

Rita Grinfelde

Stage movement teacher.

Associate professor in Latvian Academy of Culture.

Ilze Nakase
Konstantin Cecirko

Wushu Tai Chi martial arts instructor.

Member of Latvian Wushu Federation, president of the Latvian Tai Chi Chuan Association, head of the traditional Tai Chi Chuan school.

Valdis Kupcs

Fencing and gymnastics teacher.

Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education, completed the highest coaching courses in Moscow. First class sports professional in fencing. Since 1991 the oldest fencing coach in Latvian team.

Vladislav Rafalsky

Russian language teacher.

Philologist, teacher in Riga 40th secondary school.

Janis Misins

Vocal teacher.

Kristine Smith
Esmeralda Bertule

Piano teacher.

Piano teacher’s experience: Latvian Education workers’ house, Jazeps Medins’ Riga secondary music school (concert master), Riga Dome Choir school, Nordiska Musikgymnasiet (Stockholm College), piano private lessons in Lisbon and Latvia.

Valdis Bernholfs

Solfedžio teacher.

Teacher of music theoretical courses and conducting at the Riga Dome Choir School,
jazz solfeggio lecturer at the Latvia Academy of Music, lecturer of music history and stylistic at the Latvia Culture College, author of solfeggio study materials.

Jonathan Durandin
Julia Berngardte

Birthday on March 8. Graduated from Riga M.Lomonosov Russian Secondary School.

Julia on facebook and draugiem.lv

Nikita Voronin

Birthday on May 15. Graduated from Riga Zolitude Gymnasium.

Nikita on facebook

Pavel Griskow

Birthday on December 10. Graduated from Ugales Secondary school.

Pavel on facebook and draugiem.lv

Dmitry Golasko

Birthday on May 20. Graduated from Riga 95th Secondary School.

Dmitry on draugiem.lv and one.lv

Anastasia Dzordzevica

BIrthday on February 1. Graduated from Riga Design and Art Secondary Scool.

Anastasia on facebook and draugiem.lv

Natalia Zivec

Birthday on May 22. Graduated from Riga 10th Secondary School and sports school of artistic gymnastics "Vingro visi". 

Natalia on facebook, draugiem.lv and one.lv

Tatiana Zaceste

Birthday on July 27. Obtained an Arhitectural tehnician specialty in Riga Construction College. 

Tatiana on facebook and draugiem.lv

Kirill Zaitsev

Birthday on August 16. Graduated from МОУ Gimnasium No. 1 in Volgograd.

Kirill on facebook

Ivan Klocko

BIrthday on February 21. Graduated from Rezekne State Polish Gymnasium.

Ivan on facebook and draugiem.lv

Jana Lisova

Birthday on August 22. Graduated from Jurmala 1st Gymnasium in 2007, and from Latvia Culture College in 2010.

Jana on facebook and draugiem.lv

Igor Nazarenko

Birthday on June 18. Graduted from Liepaja 12th Secondary School.

Igors on facebook and vkontakte

Maxim Busel
Natalia Ribenko

Birthday on October 4. Graduated from Riga 34th Secondary School. Natalia on draugiem.lv and one.lv

Artur Trukss

Birthday on November 4. Graduated from Pavula Jurjana music school and Riga 53th Secondary School. Artur on facebook and draugiem.lv

Jana Herbsta

Birthday on September 14. Graduated from Friendly Appeal Cesis State Gymnasium. Jana on facebook, twitter and draugiem.lv

Marat Efendijev

Birthday on April 30. Marat on facebook

22/12/2011 19:40

 Our New Year's Eve celebration "Winter night's dream" (video is available in "Photos&Videos" section).

30/10/2011 19:39

Masterclass with professor Andrey Droznyn. 

29/08/2011 19:36

Our first day in second course! 

14/05/2011 19:35

Amatu Street festival!

We did a performace near the Small Guild.

10/05/2011 19:32

Stage movement and acrobatics Masterclass with Yuri Homutjansky. 

09/05/2011 19:20

Celebration of Victory Day!

27/03/2011 19:18

Theatre Day's festivities at Eduards Smilgis Theatre Museum.

21/03/2011 19:17

Doors Open Day at Latvian Academy of Culture.

08/03/2011 19:12

International Women's Day.

21/12/2010 19:10

Our first theatrical event - a New Year's celebration!

13/12/2010 19:09

Our first examination period starts!

04/11/2010 18:37

Thematic confirmation of first courses.

11/09/2010 18:36

First day of study in LatviaAcademy of Culture.

10/08/2010 18:33

Our first steps into Riga Russian Theatre!

28/07/2010 09:00

Last entrance exams in Latvian Academy of Culture's "The Actor of the Drama Theatre" program. Total of 17 students enrolled!

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